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Toni McKinley

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Second Edition of

"What Happened to Me,"

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Warrior Princess

I am an experienced trauma counselor working with survivors of sex trafficking. Along with being a counselor, speaker, and trainer. I teach and train those who work with victims of trafficking in trauma-informed care and an understanding of what is going on in the mind of a trafficked adolescent. 


Using her personal & professional experience

Toni McKinley is a leader in eradicating sex trafficking. She uses her personal experience and professional knowledge to teach and equip others. She has trained detention staff, law enforcement, child welfare, faith community, school administrators, and counselors.



Trauma Informed

Toni trains from an evidence-based trauma-informed approach that combines her personal experience from trauma along with her knowledge gained from her studies. She is an expert in helping others understand the survivor in layman's terms so you will be able to implement it in your area of expertise.



Toni is available to deliver keynote speaking engagements, special events, trauma training, and more.

Her best asset is her ability to tell compelling stories while relating it to how the brain functions under trauma. She holds nothing back and gives everything to her audience. At every opportunity Toni's inspiring others and touching lives.

"Toni was unbelievable!"

"Toni was entertaining and moving."

"I would love to hear Toni speak more." 

"I want to learn more from Toni."

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Toni provides consulting services to government and non-government organizations, who are interested in understanding the sex trafficking problem and developing programs to eradicate it. For anti-trafficking organizations and group homes, Toni offers a unique perspective on the mindset of the victims. Her consulting experience with a wide range of organizations allows her to successfully understand challenges and identify clear paths to success for her clients. She can assist with the pressing matters of training, best practices, and survivor advocacy.



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