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What Happened To Me?!
Healing For Sex Trafficking Survivors

1st and 2nd Edition Now Available!

Both editions of What Happened To Me will educate you about pimp, familial, and gang trafficking. It is filled with survivor stories (with their permission) as well as my own story of trafficking. Each story has a purpose and that is to help those who have been trafficked understand what happened to them. It will also help those who work with survivors understand the life of trafficking from many different perspectives. In addition to the real life experiences, you will learn about the healing process and how the brain responded to the trauma of trafficking. 


I believe that if each person who has been trafficked can understood how they were forced, coerced, or manipulated into trafficking that they could break the trauma bond that was formed with their trafficker and reduce the recidivism rate of being re-exploited. 

The 2nd edition includes a study guide for those who are facilitating groups or would like to dig deeper into their experience.


What those who have been trafficked are saying about Toni's book:

"Toni's book has helped me understand my experience. This has been validating and healing for me."

"Finally! Finally someone gets it! I do not feel alone."

"I don't have to explain myself. Toni gets it!"

"I loved the stories and relate to them so much. I hate to see that someone has experienced what I did and I am relieved to know I am not the only one."

"This saved me while I was in the process of being groomed!"

What care takers of those have been trafficked are saying about Toni's book:

"I thought I knew a lot about trafficking, then I read Toni's book. I now know a lot more!"

"It was difficult for me to read, but I learned so much."

"I love how Toni teaches about the healing process."

"There is no book out there like this! Everyone who works with survivors needs to read this!"

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