What Happened To Me?!
Healing For Sex Trafficking Survivors

1st and 2nd Edition Now Available!

Hi! My name is Toni and I wrote the book, What Happened to Me?! Healing for Sex Trafficking Survivors. My inspiration came from a group I lead of young survivors who are incarcerated for crimes they committed while under the duress of their trafficker. 


This book helps educate others about pimp, familial, and gang trafficking. It is filled with survivor stories as well as my own story of trafficking. Each story has a purpose and that is to help others, especially the youth that I worked with, understand what happened to them when they were trafficked.


I believe that if each youth understood how they were forced, coerced, or manipulated into trafficking that they could break the trauma bond that was formed with their trafficker and reduce the recidivism rate of being re-exploited. 

The 2nd edition includes a study guide for those who are facilitating groups or would like to dig deeper into their experience.



Toni McKinley, L.L.C.

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